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Hi there! We are your film-loving, community-building Virtual Event Producers

We help individuals and organizations strategize, build, and manage their virtual events. Zoom allows us to connect to our colleagues and audiences around the world, which is especially important in this new reality. We work with our clients from inception to create an interactive experience that’s customized to their needs. 

If this sounds like what you need ... 


It is essential to keep your participants engaged. We crave authentic connection.


We will help you design an event that is truly interactive and allows participants to build relationships with you and with one another.   

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Your participants are likely staring at a screen all day long. Your event should be an exciting experience they look forward to. 

We'll customize your event - or series of events - to keep everyone engaged and meet your specific goals.


We can help you build community, have an impact, and generate revenue. 

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The technical side of virtual events can be intimidating. You don't want to fumble through a new language in order to connect with your audience


We host and manage your events every step of the way to ensure that you can focus on the content. We handle all the technicalities so you can participate rather than troubleshoot. 

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More than anything, we value human connection and story-telling.


We do this work to help you tell your story and to develop significant relationships around that story.


We take on a project when we know we can be of meaningful help. Let us show you the possibilities of what we can do together in virtual space.